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TiArrow Z-Line

TiArrow Z-Line Sport

Unleash your full potential

Don't let your wheelchair hold back your game. Take your game to the next level with the best sports chair. Find your competitive edge and dominate on court. Become quicker, faster and more explosive with the world's lightest sports wheelchair.

Tennis or basketball
Choose whether you want a chair for basketball or tennis and we'll manufacture a chair optimized for your sport, completely customized for your needs.

Become faster.
Lighter and more responsive than any other sports wheelchair. It all boils down to a uncompromising material selection. The chair is made of titanium and carbon fibre and very lightweight. Less weight means better acceleration, faster turning and higher speed.

More control.
A carbon fibre bucket seat provides optimal alignment to transfer force for sprinting, starting and stopping. Designed in accordance to the shape of the human body to provide maximum support and comfort. Improves your posture and increases the control of the chair.

Full adjustability.
The seat can be moved to get the correct tipping point and you can move it higher up by using plastic inserts between frame and seat. In this way you can also change the seat angle. Combined with an adjustable footrest you have full adjustability.

100% custom made.
The wheelchair will be tailored specifically for you. Every chair is a made-to-measure, perfectly fitting, wheeled prostethic.

To build a wheelchair that fits you perfect, we'll contact you when we've got your order.

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Material bucket seat: Carbon

Material frame: Titanium

Adjustable: Seat position / seat angle / back angle / back width / footrest

Wheels: TiArrow sWeel

Rear axle: TiArrow Carbon

Casters: Inlines

Forks: TiArrow

Weight from 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs (fully complete without cushion).

TiArrow Z-Line represents a new way of thinking. The design of wheelchairs has stayed the same for decades. While the standard design has been taking us through our lives for a long time we couldn’t possibly see this as the way of the future. We wanted to challenge ourselves. We took advantage of the very best materials and developed a different kind of wheelchair design.
Something new, something better.TiArrow Z-Line includes sWeel, the world’s lightest wheelchair wheels. TiArrow frames features a totally unique system for attaching wheels. The wheel axle is made from an aluminium tube that is clamped to the rear axle using a quick release coupling, affording a totally play-free wheel. This in turn affords a couple of other important benefits in terms of both ergonomics and driveability. A narrower gap between the wheels affords significantly better driving ergonomics by ensuring that the user’s arms work at a more natural angle, allowing your shoulders to be more relaxed. You can also sit slightly higher in the chair and still retain the drive phase; you can reach lower down.