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About us

The company behind TiArrow, VAAB C&T AB, was established in 2000. We started out life as an importer of titanium and titanium alloys for Swedish industry, focusing primarily on implants and the chemicals industry.

We produced our first wheelchair in 2002. The decision to choose titanium felt completely natural as it was a material we had been using and designing in for over 20 years.

Our business has always been based around two maxims:

How hard can it be?

Keep it simple!

Keeping these sayings in mind ensures that we don’t hesitate to “build first and evaluate later”. This has resulted in a whole host of mad creations over the years, but also many really good solutions that are now ready for the market.

TiArrow is the result of an idea. It means that we are able to offer something as unique as a bespoke chair, adapted to customer requirements. In essence, we believe that meeting a user’s personal requirements is the only way to achieve a fully satisfactory level of ergonomics and wheelchair driveability.

We have a fully considered and developed philosophy that acts as the guiding star in our work.
TiArrow products are designed in accordance with the main requirements outlined below, where more important requirements are never sacrificed to meet those of lesser significance.

Main requirements:

1) Correct seat ergonomics

2) Correct driving ergonomics

3) Good driveability

4) Low weight

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