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The perfect fit

A custom made wheelchair does make a difference. Why? You want your wheelchair to feel like you’re putting on the most comfortable clothes you own. It should fit like a glove. How it makes you feel when you sit on it is a really big deal for your well being in life. Avoid unnecessary injuries and ride more efficiently with a wheelchair custom made for you.

State of the art

The lightest metals combined with advanced in house engineering, classic artisanship and a profound knowledge of wheelchair design enables us to push the limits of design and engineering to create a seamless integration of perfect geometry, world class specifications and what we believe to be the most desirable wheelchairs available.

Attention to details

We have spent a great deal of time on the design, engineering and manufacturing of our wheelchairs. All of these painstaking details, which on the surface, taken individually may not be significant, add up to a vastly better performing wheelchair which should give you years of enjoyment, pleasure and wonderful memories. We do not make changes for the sake of being different: every detail is performance driven.

Driven by perfection

We are passionate about performance, and we are passionate about wheelchairs. As wheelchair users ourselves we’ve used the finest chairs from manufacturers such as TiLite and Panthera. We have great respect for those driven by the same fire that burns inside us, and we appreciate quality products created through a labor of love. Our experience both as customers and our professional backgrounds drives our work.